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"The Princess Chronicles Happily Ever After: A Journey to Love"

 Known for her no-nonsense and practical approach to tackling the tough issues that women must address, Mary’s passion for helping women succeed in life and love has enabled her to write "The Princess Chronicles Happily Ever After: A Journey to Love." Mary is challenging women to join her on a journey to wholeness, and love using our most beloved princesses as the supporting characters and their journey to happily ever after as the backdrop. Mary invites you to have a seat on the sofa for a poignant conversation about love, transformation, and self-discovery.

Here's what Actor and Author, Chris Coffer  (Glee) says about the journey to happily ever after.




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" These pages literally extend hope into the future by faith, but make it clear that there is still work to be done in order to be the princess that you can be proud of when you look in the mirror."

Kendra Agee, Blogger

Confessions from a Tilted Crown



"I believe Mary gives/provides women the permission to dream and think differently, to love outside of the box, to be sought after, and to place themselves in greater positions to be seen."

Renisha D. Simpkins, MA, LPC, NCC

Out of Mind Counseling Services

"The Princess Chronicles... is an easy going and relatable read. Intriguing in flow as it pulls not only one's literary interest, but it pulls on every part of one's desires for "better, for more, for self-improvement". This book is set up as a self-paced guide of small bites at a time toward the goal of huge and lasting results. -Thanks for the book, Mary!"

Angela "Double A" Anderson,

Radio Personality, 1560 The Touch

Speak On It with Double A